Thursday, 27 January 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Animated Idents for Children's ITV

Some new idents I have just made for Children's ITV working with Animated Yorkshire
Music composed by Matthew Oglesby

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Animated Titles for the Children's Media Conference

Find more videos like this on The Children's Media Conference

East Leeds FM Trailer

Cats:for:Peru Answers

A music video I made for Sheffield based band Cats:for:Peru

Bee Cowz

A gallery installation piece I made shown at Fabric's Flesh exhibition at the Yorkshire Craft Centre and at the Marsden Ripple Online exhibition.
My idea came when reading a newspaper article. Apparently cows make methane which increases the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but bees help to reduce greenhouse gases by pollinating more plants. I wondered what might happen if you put them together!
I also wanted to explore the potential of using sound to create a feeling of discomfort in an audience

My 3D Computer Games Reel

Doing less of this kind of stuff these days - I used 3d Studio Max to animate in game characters for Code Monkeys in Leeds, Acclaim Studios Manchester and Blade Interactive Manchester. I animated these characters from models created by other members of the team.
I can still turn my hand to a bit of this where needed, but I'd like now to take this into working in 2D Flash Games. I've put this work up to show that I have an understanding of games and how to give characters life in a gaming environment.